SSRM has a fresh proactive approach to occupational health and safety with a consultation service to the highest standards. When a Safety Officer / manager are required we are able to dispatch a professional immediately. As a client you are able to count on a trustworthy, reliable and qualified Safety professionals / consultant who have the experience and skills to give you peace of mind.


SSRM is a group of Occupational Health and Safety Practitioners and Project Managers. Our experience in this arena set us apart as we have the necessary qualifications to understand your safety needs and deliver solutions. Our database of nationwide Safety Officers is at the disposal of your business, allowing you to take care of the safety requirements according to South African legislation.


  •  Quality and Experience in all work completed, ensuring that expectations are consistently exceeded.
    – Ethics and Compliance are two important elements of our company.
    – Focus and Discipline in maintaining a high standard of work and achieving our goal of being a market leader / best practice in the safety industry.
    – Respect and Appreciation for staff members, associates and clients.
    – Innovation and Dedication to providing our clients with the best solutions.
    – Honesty and Integrity in all company dealings both internally and externally.
    – Strict Adherence to the Code of Conduct for all safety professionals employed by SSRM PROJECTS.